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Merrill Ward

Cognitive Liberty: A Call To Action

Merrill Ward is a staunch proponent of cognitive liberty and a passionate advocate for the safe and responsible use of entheogens for engendering direct spiritual experience. His work serves as a transformative catalyst, effectively guiding individuals and groups into deeply profound states of Unitive consciousness. Providing them with a richer and deeper integrated understanding of their innate power, love, wisdom, creativity and spiritual abilities while aligning them with their True Will, purpose and mission in life. 


Merrill has offered presentations and spoken on entheogenic spirituality at a wide variety of venues including Entheon Village and Sacred Spaces at Burning Man, the Mystic Garden Party, Beloved, Inlakesh, and Peace Village music and arts festivals, the 2013 National O.T.O. Conference (NOTOCON), the 2014 Science & Non-Duality Conference (SAND), the Portland Entheogenic Exploration & Research Society (PEERS), The Aware Project Los Angeles (2016 & 2017) , the Exploring Psychedelics Conferences (2015 - 2018), the L.A. Psychedelic Science Symposium (2018),  the inaugural World Bufo Alvarius Congress (WBAC) in Mexico City (2018), PsychedeLiA Integration L.A. (2019) & The Portland Psychedelic Society Conference (2019).

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