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We are honored to bring you these outstanding thought leaders in our community.


Learning From Machines

April Bolding, PT, CCE, CD

Psychedelics And Birth: Conscious Creation Of The Future

Neşe Devenot, PhD

Models For Social Change From The Forgotten Women Of Psychedelic Science

Merrill Ward

Cognitive Liberty: A Call To Action

Sensei Kevon Simpson

Talk Title Coming Soon

Kwasi Adusei, DNP, PMHNP-BC

What The Psychedelic Movement Can Learn From Permaculture

Terence Ching, MS

Continuing Insights From An MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Training Trial

Leia Friedman, MS

Consent Is Psychedelic

Dave Nickles

A Brief History Of Sexual Misconduct

In Psychedelic Therapy from 1981-2019

Kirra Swenerton, MS, DD

Leveling Up: Psychedelics For 

Cultural And Environmental Healing

Dr. Alex Belser PhD

Promise, Profit, and Power: Toward a Just and Equitable Future for Psychedelic Medicine

Devon Christie, MD

Trauma-Informed Relational Somatic Skillsets for Psychedelic Therapy

Shonagh Home

The Mushroom's Apprentice

Dr. Jae Sevelius

Psychedelics for the People: Disrupting the Cultural Default Mode Network

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Talk Title Coming Soon

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