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Kwasi Adusei, DNP, PMHNP-BC

What The Psychedelic Movement Can Learn From Permaculture

Dr. Kwasi Adusei is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and the founder of the Psychedelic Society of Western New York, out of which he developed a local psychedelic harm reduction organization that has served 7 festivals over the last two years, coordinating up to 40 volunteers to provide around the clock service. He is currently developing a grassroots harm reduction resource to support groups in creating these services in their local communities. In the global space, Kwasi launched a project to create a comprehensive guide on starting psychedelic societies. Additionally, he has led events that engage psychedelic societies across continents to synchronize around service events that have included the Global Psychedelic Month of Service and the Global Psychedelic Earth Day Cleanup. He is also the creator of Psychonauts of the World, a psychedelic storytelling project modeled after Humans of New York that is intended to help people come out of the proverbial “psychedelic closet” and connect psychedelic stories to the mainstream. Kwasi intends to publish these stories in a book and sell to raise funds for psychedelic research and advocacy efforts.

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